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Belt Replacement

George's Sierra Shell Belts and Hoses

A snapping engine belt or splitting radiator hose is not something you want happening while you’re driving. Two of the most inexpensive parts in your vehicle’s engine—belts and hoses—can cause costly damage if they fail, not to mention leave you stranded.

Over time, Belts and hoses can:

  • Dry out and Crack
  • Break
  • Come Loose
  • Squeak or Squeal

Bring your vehicle in to George’s Sierra Shell for regular service and we’ll not only do a visual inspection for aging belts and hoses, but also recommend replacement as specified by your car’s manufacturer.

Regular service and maintenance are your best protection against expensive repairs. George’s Sierra Shell is your full-service automotive repair shop in the Inland Empire.

Make an appointment online or call George’s Shell to get your Belt Replacement service today.

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